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Sur Ubuntu 16.04

apt-get -yqq update; apt-get -yqq upgrade; apt-get -yqq install git lsb-release; \
git clone https://github.com/QuickBox/QB /etc/QuickBox &&
bash /etc/QuickBox/setup/quickbox-setup


quickbox - tells you which version Quick Box you are running and shows commands list
createSeedboxUser - creates a shelled seedbox user
deleteSeedboxUser - deletes a created seedbox user and their directories
changeUserpass - change users SSH/FTP/ruTorrent password
setdisk - set your disk quota for any given user
showspace - shows the amount of space used by all users on the server
reload - restarts your seedbox services, i.e; rtorrent & irssi
upgradePlex - upgrades Plex when new version is available

Problèmes divers

Donner accès à Plex aux dossiers utilisateurs en cas de plusieurs utilisateurs sur le serveur :

sudo apt-get install acl
sudo usermod -a -G votre_user plex
sudo chown -R votre_user:plex /home/votre_user
sudo chmod -R 750 /home/votre_user
sudo setfacl -m g:votre_user:rwx /home/votre_user
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